• Holy Ice Sculpture Batman!

    Mike Parsons, who's from Newfoundland, shot this pic of an iceberg awhile back, not really noticing its resemblance to a specific super hero.  It wasn't until he posted it on facebook and people started commenting on it that he realized what he had.  This particular berg is a biggie, about the size of a small house and it was captured near Mike's hometown of Llittle Bay.   Nice one, Mike!    Read More
  • Roger, Darren & Marilyn – Friday, July 25 – When do we smarten up and get healthy?

    Happy Friday! Darren and Marilyn kicked things off this morning by talking about some of the big movies out this weekend like “Hercules” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and “Lucy” with Scarlett Johansson. And of course they talked about the first steamy trailer for the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. Read More
  • Roger, Darren & Marilyn – Thursday, July 24 – What do you say you like – but secretly don’t?

    It was a chilly and cloudy start to the day, but the sky cleared up nicely, and hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy some summer-appropriate weather soon. Although Roger is away this week, Darren and Marilyn kept you entertained this morning with the latest entertainment gossip, All About Style, and, of course, tons of fun! Read More

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