• Some 'Big Bang Theory' Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

    Are you ready for Leonard, Sheldon & Penny's return? Season 8 of Big Bang Theory premieres September 22nd on CTV. To get you prepared, here are some BBT fun facts from a really cool article in People Magazine. Read More
  • Fan Breaks Into Keanu Reeves' Home!

    A 40 year old female fan broke into Keanu Reeves' home while the star was sleeping! The actor woke up because he heard noises coming from his library. So, Reeves checked it out and lo and behold, there she was ... sitting in a chair ... just hanging out in his library. Read More
  • Joan Rivers Plugs #iPhone6 On Facebook

    This must have been an awkward moment for Joan Rivers' publicist. The comedian, who passed away September 4th at age 81, had scheduled a Facebook post for today about the iPhone 6 and her plans to buy one. Read More

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